Get off your soapbox

By: Pastor Ramon Diaz


Ramon Diaz

5/8/2022 1 min read

In today's message, Pastor Ramon teaches on Ezekiel 16. He explains how God's people have always had trouble practicing what they preach. They have allowed the laws and customs of the nations to change the way they acted and even led themselves and the church. God's people were more interested in standing on a soapbox and pointing the finger at others' shortcomings and sinfulness that they could not realize where they were in life spiritually. This being understood, Pastor Ramon wanted to teach on how to identify if we as well are standing on a soapbox and what to do about it if we are. Then, he explains how this can positively impact the church for the better when we can all identify what is wrong in our lives and fix it, then help others with their struggles before pointing the finger at them and gossiping. So, please enjoy this message and ensure that you share it with those you believe need to hear it.