Christian Community: The Heart of Walking by Faith Missions Church

Our Church

Walking by Faith Missions Church is a small conglomerate of missionary-driven home churches that believes that ministering should be more than just words, it should be about actions. This is why we are made up of pastors, chaplains, and evangelists that care more about serving their communities and being a light for the hurting than anything else. WBFM focuses on evangelism and discipleship as the cornerstones to developing a grounded sense of Christian community. This is why we offer free vocational level Bible courses and memberships to our evangelical association to whoever adheres to our statement of beliefs.

Our Vision

To introduce people to God’s genuine love and help them discover their own purpose in Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to live a life of Christian example and to share the transforming power of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit leads us.


Walking by Faith Missions Church seeks to maintain voluntarily cooperative fellowship in association with other Christian organizations that fully subscribe to mainstream Evangelical Christian doctrines, purposes, missions, ethics, and deeds in serving and bringing glory to Christ.

What we Believe

We believe in God the Father, who, in His sovereignty, created and rules overall. We believe in Jesus the Son (dead, buried, resurrected, and ascended), who came to offer eternal life to those who repent, believe, and faithfully obey him. We believe in the active presence of the Holy Spirit, who effectively works in the lives of believers. We believe the Bible to be the infallible and inspired Word of God, sufficient for the needs of the believer and the church.

Our Values

We believe God has called every believer to be an active witness and example of Jesus to their world.