Lead Pastor/Community Chaplain

Ramon Diaz

Pastor Ramon is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, a voting member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, an associate member of the Evangelical Theological Society, and the author of “From Warrior, To Warrior.” He earned his M.A.R. in Community Chaplaincy and Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Pastor Ramon is also a board-certified Master Project Manager (MPM). He is always striving to grow closer to the Lord by studying His Word and serving His people with his giftings.

Treasurer/Youth Ministries

Amy Diaz

Amy is one of Walking by Faith Missions Church's elder and she holds the responsibility of overseering church funds. She also manages the church's logistics and administration. Sister Amy has the gift of discernment and serving, and she always strives to make others feel comfortable. She ministers to women and children and is amazing at listening to others and providing sound Christian council to those who the Lord brings before her path.

Executive Pastor/Elder

Nick Pacaccio

Pastor Nick is one of the Elders of Walking by Faith Missions Church. He is responsible for running our church's weekly Bible studies, and rotating preaching on Sunday's with Pastor Ramon. Pastor Nick also serves as WBFM's representative in Louisiana. There, he ministers to his local community, and the drug rehabilitation centers. Pastor Nick has a wealth of knowledge and is heavily relied upon in the church, not only to teach, but also as a mentor.

WBFM Chaplain

Wendy L. Henley

Wendy L. Henley represents Walking by Faith Missions Church as a local chaplain. Chaplain Henley is responsible for ministering to her local Fire Department, American Legion, and she is the head of the local Auxiliary. She does not just focus on these ministries, but also many more. She strives to help those in need of love and compassion. This is why she has dedicated her life to be a WBFM Chaplain!

WBFM Chaplain

Thomas L. Henley

Thomas L. Henley represents Walking by Faith Missions Church as a local chaplain in his community. Chaplain Henley is the chaplain responsible for serving his local Fire Department, the American Legion, and sits on the Board of Chaplain Training for FEMA. He strives to show love and compassion to everyone he meets, and dedicates his life to serving those who would risk their lives to save another.