We are grateful for the many who support WBFM through volunteer involvement and financial contributions. In addition to our small traveling missionary-driven home church, we help support ministries in the United States, and a church plant in Gliwice, Poland. Since 2015 our church has used 100% of all donations to community outreach programs unless otherwise stated (such as for Pastor Nick's ministry supplies or Pastor Ramon's ministry travel expenses). Thanks to your support we have successfully ministered within 30 states in the United States of America and 20 countries worldwide. Without your help and support, this could not be possible.

Now, did you know there are two ways to donate to our church? The first way is to donate directly to the church via the "Donate Now" button below. The second way is by purchasing From Warrior, To Warrior at (https://amzn.to/3EYLKjX). This book was written by our Senior Pastor, Ramon Diaz. Just like our direct donate button, every dollar made from this book goes directly toward our community outreach. The only difference is that you get to know our senior pastor a little better by understanding his transition from being a warrior for the Marine Corps to being a warrior for Christ.

Lord Leads the Way: Support Our Cause and Donate Today!