7 churches, 7 truths, and the cold hard facts!

By: Pastor Nick Pacaccio


Ramon Diaz

1/29/20231 min read

In this sermon by Pastor Nick Paccacio, we dive into the seven churches in the book of Revelation. Pastor Nick does this to explain what was going on in the background context of these churches, how it impacted the Christian community, and what led many to compromise their relationship with Jesus Christ for earthly desires. Then, Pastor Nick explains and correlates these seven churches with the churches in America today. This is to highlight that there is nothing new under the sun and that Jesus wants us all to repent from our evil ways and turn back to Him. He wanted this for the seven churches in Revelation, and He wants it for us today! So listen up and pay attention. Is what Pastor Nick teaching us today sound like what is going on in our country right now? I leave the answer to that question for you all listening.